Product Description

Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche is a female friendly douching device for optimal vaginal hygiene. It consists of a practical squeezable bottle with a flexible bottleneck and can be used in combination with Multi-Gyn Tablets.

Customer questions

How often can I use the Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche?
We advise you to use Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche after your menstruation period or intercourse. There is no need to use a vaginal douche more frequently than that.

Can I use the Multi-Gyn Tablets without the vaginal douche?
No, they are only for use with the Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche.

Do I have to use all the fluid?
No, one gentle squeeze is sufficient.

Can I re-use the vaginal douching fluid?
No, absolutely not. The fluid can be used only once.

Is it difficult to insert the Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche?
No, it is not difficult to use a vaginal douche. However make sure that you are relaxed and that you are standing or sitting in a comfortable space. For more information about how to use the Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche please see the insert.

Can I also use the Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche with water?
Yes, you can also use Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche with only lukewarm water.

If you have any further problems or questions, do not hesitate to contact us.