Natural help with the active ingredient 2QR 2QR ('to cure') is a groundbreaking, globally patented innovation to solve microbial problems. The 2QR complex polysaccharide is extracted from the active ingredients of a plant.

How does 2QR work?

  • 2QR-complex is a highly diverse mix of natural anti-adhesive polysaccharides have the ability to bind to the adhesins on the cell surface of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • 2QR prevents binding of microbes to mucin proteins or host tissues because it provides a physical block of the microbe’s adhesive capacity.
  • The adhesion of 2QR polysaccharides to the microbial surface thus effectively neutralizes the pathogenic bacteria.

The properties of 2QR

  • 2QR is highly effective in neutralizing a wide range of harmful microbes
  • Is an ideal and innovative basis for microbial balance and control
  • Since 2QR-complex does not directly affect microbial viability, it does not have the negative side effects of antiseptics and antibiotics (e.g. the disruption of the natural microbiotica by these latter compounds)
  • Can be used next to medication, no limitations in quantity or frequency
  • Is natural and safe
  • Does not affect the useful bacteria such as Lactobacilli Stimulates tissue regeneration and supports the natural healing process
  • Normalizes the natural microbiota of the skin, vagina, oral cavity, etc.